Public-private dialogue on Capital Market Development Reform 2023-06-02

ReforMeter and USAID's Economic Governance Program hosted another public-private dialogue to assess the progress of capital market development reform.
The assessment of the reform includes an overview of the activities planned and implemented under the 2023-2028 capital market development strategy. The strategy aims to increase access to finance through capital market instruments, as well as to stimulate and mobilize capital for local securities.
Within the framework of the strategy, one of the important directions of the development of the local bond market is the development of the legal and regulatory framework of securitization. The draft law On Securitization has been submitted to the Parliament of Georgia and aims to regulate the legal and financial issues related to the securitization transaction, the involved parties and the securitization instrument issued as a result of the transaction. Securitization deals are an alternative source of raising additional capital for companies. In addition, in the direction of the development of the local equity capital market, the strategy envisages the development of a tax framework for the stimulation of real estate investment funds.
The interested parties of the reform took part in the public-private dialogue and evaluated the progress of the reform at the meeting.