Reform: RIA Institutionalization Reform (2023-10-26)

On October 26, 2023, "ReforMeter" hosted the second Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Institutionalization reform. The event brought together stakeholders from government agencies, civil society organizations, and individual RIA experts. Participants reviewed the progress of the RIA reform and discussed strategies to address challenges within the reform field.

According to the Government

In accordance with the findings of a survey of reform implementing agencies, 62.5% of planned activities have already been completed. Activities scheduled under the scope of institutional setup showed the highest implementation rate (94%). The rate of implementation of the activities under the legal framework is high as well (71.4%). A delay has been identified in activities planned under the capacity development (36,4%) and infrastructure and budget (28.6%) components.

Governmental surveys evaluate progress in reform implementation across four domains:

  • the legal framework;
  • infrastructure and budget;
  • institutional setup;
  • and capacity development.

This survey measures the government’s distance from the stated reform objectives on a scale of 0% (no action has taken place) to 100% (all the desired systems have been fully implemented, monitored, and evaluated)