Reform: Capital Market Development Reform (2023-06-02)

The first assessment of the Capital Market Development Reform was conducted on June 2, 2023. Attendees of the public-private dialogue discussed the main activities planned within the Capital Market Development Strategy 2023-2028. The stakeholders engaged in a discussion about the objectives of the strategy and the ways to achieve them. 

According to the Government

According to the government survey, at this stage, 11.7% of the activities defined by the 2023-2024 action plan for the capital market development strategy of Georgia have been completed. The highest level of performance was observed in the direction of legislative & regulatory framework.

Governmental surveys evaluate progress in reform implementation across four domains:

  • the legal framework;
  • infrastructure and budget;
  • institutional setup;
  • and capacity development.

This survey measures the government’s distance from the stated reform objectives on a scale of 0% (no action has taken place) to 100% (all the desired systems have been fully implemented, monitored, and evaluated)