Reform: Tourism Reform (2023-05-18)

Tourism Reform encompasses a series of changes outlined in the draft Law on Tourism, which has been initiated in the Parliament of Georgia. Another aspect of tourism reform involves the provision of tax benefits for agritourism and wine tourism services. The primary objectives of the reform are to diversify tourism products, improve the quality of tourism services, and ensure the protection of consumer rights as well as the enforcement of safety standards.

According to the Government

According to the government survey, at this stage, 20.8% of the activities planned under the reform have been completed. The highest level of performance was observed in the legislative & regulatory framework and infrastructure & budget directions.

Governmental surveys evaluate progress in reform implementation across four domains:

  • the legal framework;
  • infrastructure and budget;
  • institutional setup;
  • and capacity development.

This survey measures the government’s distance from the stated reform objectives on a scale of 0% (no action has taken place) to 100% (all the desired systems have been fully implemented, monitored, and evaluated)