Reform: SME Development (2018-02-01)

On January 2, 2018 ReforMeter, in its second phase, assessed implementation of SME/Innovation development strategies

According to the Government

Government Survey showed that, at this stage, 39.2% of the reform that is planned to be finalized by 2020 is implemented. In the first phase (6 months ago) this indicator was 24.7%

The government’s formal progress (at the input and output level) in the target reform area is measured through a survey covering the following four dimensions:

  1. Institutional Setup
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Infrastructure & Budgeting
  4. Legislation & Regulations

The sets of indicators are designed to track progress on each dimension towards the system envisioned in the reform strategy. They cover all fundamental actions that have to be executed to create an optimal environment that will help achieve all reform objectives. Completion of all actions indicates achievement of the desired policy framework.

The sets of indicators captured by the questionnaires are used to measure distance from the stated reform objective on a scale from 0% (no action has taken place) to 100% (all desired systems are fully implemented, monitored and evaluated).

The questionnaires are filled out twice a year through face-to-face interviews with representatives of all agencies involved in the implementation of a particular reform.